The Daily Smark App Review

The Daily Smark is an app that allows you to follow wrestling news from Fightful, Wresting Inc, The Wrestling Observer and others.

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In the app you can sort news by companies like WWE, All Elite Wrestling, Impact and many more in The Daily Smark library.

With this app, you can forget about annoying ads and hyperlinks forever, because The Daily Smark also blocks persistent ads on these sites with Apple’s indispensable Safari Reader utility.


Safari Reader removes all unnecessary interference and allows you to fully immerse yourself in reading an article or watching a podcast.

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The data in the app is constantly updated. For last night’s highlights and matches, get the latest YouTube videos from all WWE, AEW, Impact and other sites. You can add the article or video to your bookmarks to view or play later at your convenience.

Daily Smark has all the best wrestling podcasts from Apple’s podcast catalog.

The app also has a number of useful and interesting features. You can give your eyes a rest thanks to the app’s excellent dark mode support.


You can even customize the app icon by choosing styles such as NWO, Impact, The Elite or ECW. You can also add widgets to your home screen so you always have the latest news at your fingertips.

The app’s interface and design is done in authentic dark blue tones. It is focused primarily on video support, but it’s easy to understand, and neither the many features nor the large base will prevent you from enjoying your favorite podcasts and news with ease and comfort.

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