7 Best Classic Tetris Games for Android & iOS

Best Classic Tetris Games

Tetris remained popular for many years among all generations. It develops various abilities, such as strategic thinking and speed of decision-making. It became so popular that competitions began to appear among players. Yet, now it is difficult to find the original version in its usual form. There are creative developers of mobile games, which are …

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11 Best Castle Building Games for Android & iOS

Best Castle Building Games

The building is a popular genre among all games, including mobile ones. It is an integral part of almost any game you can download to your phone. It is not surprising, cause this process requires concentration and even logical thinking. The building is also present in games about the Middle Ages, which makes them more …

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9 Best 2 Player Pool Games for Android & iOS

Best 2 Player Pool Games

Pool game has been popular for a long time because this entertainment brings people together and allows players to use all their skills. Mobile versions of this game have been popular for a long time, and now they are just necessary for all pool fans. At any time and in any place you can enjoy …

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15 Best Low MB Offline Games for Android

Best Low MB Offline Games

The mobile game industry is developing at an incredible rate. You can download to your smartphone game on any topic, any genre, and for any age. At the same time, all of them will be distinguished by high graphics, easy controls, and an interesting storyline. Yet, most of them take up too much space in …

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11 Best Offline Basketball Games for Android

Best Offline Basketball Games

Basketball has become a global trend, which is now reflected not only in sports. Fashion, YouTube, TikTok and Instagram recommendations, and much more show how this sport has influenced all our lives. The top basketball players are well-known all over the world, and it’s no surprise. Children, teens, and even adults still gather on the …

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11 Best Interactive Story Games for Android & iOS


Books are beginning to gain popularity again but in a new format. Surely you have heard of such apps as Romance Club, Decisions, and others. They are now popular among youth because they allow you not only to read interesting stories but also to make decisions for the characters. In this review, we have collected …

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11 Best Word Search Apps for Android & iOS


Puzzle games are very popular among smartphone users, as they are a great way to pass the time. They take up little space in smartphone memory, have a nice design and simple gameplay. Some of them have their own specific features that make the game more exciting.  We have reviewed the best word search apps …

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11 Best MOBA Games in 2023 for Android & iOS


MOBA is a genre of games based on real-time strategy (RTS). Two teams of players fight on a map for control points, each of which gives some advantage. The main aim of MOBA strategies is to destroy the enemy’s base. Such strategies differ from the classical RTS because each participant in the battle has a …

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11 Best Shopping Mall Girl Games for Android & iOS

Shopping Mall Girl

Become a stylist popular actress, take part in fashion shows, to be photographed on the cover of magazines – all this and much more can be done in the virtual world. Developers of mobile applications offer a whole series of dress-up games for girls that can be downloaded for free. The similarity of the games …

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11 Best Harem Games for Android & iOS

Best Harem Games for android and ios

Harem games are a dime-a-dozen. Actually, a good number of them are based on the freemium model, so we should say you can just take them for free or lose an arm and a leg, depending on your own play style. Expenses aside, Harem games are largely dominated by dating simulation apps, but recently there …

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