11 Best Soothing Sounds Apps for Good Sleeping (Android & iOS)

A good night’s sleep is the key to a successful day. However, there are many stressors that can prevent you from relaxing and falling asleep with pleasure.

Various services offer help in the fight against insomnia. Their mobile versions are especially convenient since we keep the phone near us even when we sleep.

Everyone is also aware of the fact that the right time to wake up is the light sleep phase. But many people forget or don’t even think about the falling asleep phase. At this moment it is important to be completely relaxed and to provide all the necessary conditions for this.

These best soothing sounds apps for good sleeping will help you. They will create a favorable atmosphere and give you access to extra tools to improve your sleep.

For those who want to keep their sleeping under control, we recommend trying these best sleep talk analysis software for PC, Android, iOS.


BetterSleep is an app that is a collection of soothing and relaxing sounds.

The utility will be useful for those who suffer from overstrain and insomnia. Slow compositions help prepare for sleep and distract from current problems.

Music for meditation and bedtime stories are also available. In the app’s main menu, you can choose from several types of tunes.

Sounds of nature, birdsong, rustling leaves, the sound of the sea, and others are available. It is also possible to listen to the sound of various musical instruments.

Besides, this utility has a built-in sleep timer. You can set it to automatically turn off playback after a set time. There are reminders and the need to start preparing for sleep tools. The app contains music for meditation. You need to go to the appropriate section to select a song.

It is also possible to listen to fascinating bedtime stories. All the stories are divided into several genres. These include fantasy, documentary, children’s, adventure, and others. You can save the best tales in Favorites.


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Sleep Sounds

Sleep Sounds is a relaxation app for all users who have trouble sleeping. You will be able to get rid of insomnia or lack of sleep.

This program has in its set many special sounds with names and special “triggers”. They activate different parts of the brain.

If you wish, it is also possible to create your own sounds. A couple of functions in the app are designed for this purpose.

Once you have recorded what you want to play later, it is possible to adjust the sound and the individual “triggers”. This will help to create the atmosphere of someplace that is already pleasant to be in.

If there is a problem in the form of snoring, you can also overcome this using the app. There are many tools that will help to avoid interfering with loud unpleasant sounds.

For convenience, there is a special timer that will not keep the app open for the entire period of sleep. It is enough just to set the time after which the program will close, so as not to waste too much energy.


Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android is an alarm clock for your phone that monitors the sleep cycles. It will wake you up at the greatest moment for a comfortable wake-up. This will make you feel fully awake.

The app has many settings to make your mornings more productive. It contains a catalog of tracks for comfortable falling asleep. You can listen to lullabies, nature sounds, binaural rhythms, and so on.

The alarm clock will wake you up softly and at the most optimal time. So, even the earliest mornings will be good for you and you’ll be full of energy for the whole day.

All this is possible because the mobile utility tracks your sleep. It selects the most appropriate time to wake up with natural sounds.

Now you will not be stressed and irritated when you wake up. Our body has several sleep phases, one of which is the fast one. It is what the app will catch and wake you up at that moment. All functions of the alarm clock are aimed at making sure you get a really productive sleep.


Sleep Monitor

With the Sleep Monitor app, you can set one or more alarms at the desired time. There is also a tracker function that determines the quality and duration of sleep.

In order not to oversleep, it is possible to set the alarm to turn off only after completing a small task. This can be a mathematical example or a logical task.

The app allows you to track the quality, depth, and efficiency of sleep. For this purpose, the utility makes daily, weekly, monthly and annual graphs. With their help, you can analyze the dependence of sleep on external factors.

It is worth noting that in order to fix the data, you need to put a mobile device near the bed. With the help of the utility, it is possible to cope with insomnia.

For this purpose, there are relaxing melodies in the corresponding section. This can be the singing of birds, the sound of the sea, or the rustle of leaves. Turn on the sound you like and set a timer. When the time expires, the playback will automatically stop.



The Endel app is designed to create a personal sound background for relaxation. It takes into account your body condition, location, and occupation.

The melodies are based on circadian rhythms. It takes into account the up and down phases of the body’s energy. To use the app, you need to register with a Facebook account or email address.

The app requests permission to access the device’s location to determine the time of day and weather. The personalized sound background is formed taking into account all of the above data.

You can choose the type of occupation and, depending on this, the melody will be the most suitable.

The app detects the wearer’s biological rhythms, indicating exactly which phase the wearer is in at the moment. Depending on this, sound patterns are suggested for the background. The melodies combine the sounds of nature with binaural rhythms.

The utility offers four basic modes. Relax is for rest and stress relief. On The Go is for walking, the music in it adjusts to the rhythm of the user’s steps. Focus is designed for concentration and concentration. Sleep contains nature sounds and white noise to help you fall asleep.



The Zen app is designed for rest, relaxation, and improved sleep quality.

It contains many meditation programs as well as pleasant music, binaural rhythms, and ASMR. There is also a mood control option.

The main page of the app is dedicated to the meditations recommended for the day. Next is a tab with programs. They contain meditation courses lasting from seven to 21 days.

The programs are thematic. They are devoted to healing the body, reducing stress, eliminating insomnia and anxiety, setting new goals, and so on. Besides, there are tabs with music and inspirational stories.

Another page of the utility is reserved for a catalog of meditations. You can listen to them with voice guidance, as well as with or without music. Each one is dedicated to a specific theme and lasts from ten to 25 minutes.

There is a section for controlling your emotional state. This allows you to choose from a list of feelings and listen to the meditation associated with them. The profile page allows you to set up notifications and choose the language of the interface.


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Loona is an app for relaxing before you go to sleep. The utility will help relieve stress and take your mind off stressful thoughts.

The utility contains game episodes. There, you should gradually paint three-dimensional models of various locations.

Voice-over narration prompts actions and informs of interesting facts about the shown objects. The app contains a selection of episodes related to different subjects.

If necessary, you can take a pause, save your progress, start over or continue at any time during the quest. It’s possible to scale and rotate three-dimensional models. Some elements of the locations are animated, so they react to touch.

Furthermore, the app contains an extensive audio library with relaxing music and recorded stories. There is a built-in player for listening to soundtracks and melodies.

The app can work in the background mode. The utility has thematic playlists available. Among them, there are selections with sounds of nature and musical instruments. You can add your favorite recordings to Favorites for quick access.



The Calm app will help with relaxation, sleep enhancement, and stress relief. It provides access to meditation, breathing practices, and soothing music.

The app includes a simple quiz to identify trouble spots in your life and determine the most effective way to help.

You can select meditation goals. For example, improving sleep quality, reducing stress, finding happiness, and more.

The utility is able to identify what prevents you from achieving a calm balanced state. It’s worth noting that it contains voice-guided meditations, sleep stories, breathing programs, and relaxing music.

Besides, the utility has over 30 animated themes with soothing sounds. These include the crackle of a fire, the tide, the sound of rain, a waterfall, waves, and more.

Meditation sessions are available for periods ranging from 3 to 25 minutes. You can use them to work through various life situations. The utility contains more than 100 stories for falling asleep and exclusive music, which is also great for yoga practice.



The Headspace app provides access to a variety of meditation courses. Each course includes a description, audio accompaniment, and a description of the exercises.

They help you focus on your breathing, thoughts, and body condition. The lessons include long audio tracks and sets of exercises. With them, you can develop relaxation and deep skills.

The total duration of the suggested courses does not exceed one month. You will only need to spend a few minutes on each lesson. With this app, by the middle of the course, positive trends in concentration, planning, and stress resistance appear.

An interesting feature of this app is the versatility of the meditation courses. You can choose from classical meditation classes, mindfulness, and restraint training techniques. There are also courses for improving sleep quality. This is the most important factor in well-being during the day.


Sleep Cycle

The Sleep Cycle app tracks the user’s sleep phases and wakes him up at the appropriate moment. The utility is a sleep tracker and a smart alarm clock.

The operation of the app is based on the analysis of sounds and vibrations. This allows you to track the movements while you are asleep and, accordingly, highlight the phases of fast and slow sleep.

Thus, the program chooses the greatest wake-up time to feel as fresh and awake as possible. For the utility to work correctly, you need to place the phone next to you on the bed, nightstand, or floor before you go to sleep.

The app should get access to the microphone. Also, you can change the sound time by double-tapping the phone screen or by shaking it.


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The Sleepzy app monitors the most essential health parameter for recovery. The manager helps to optimize your sleeping and improve your quality of life.

Using the app, you can set an alarm for the right time. The utility also allows you to track sleep quality and fall asleep to calm music.

Choose a relaxing melody to get in the right mood for sleep. At the same time, an automatic sleep timer is available.

As soon as the set time expires, automatic tracking of sleep phases and duration will start. Thanks to sensors, this app will calculate the necessary time for quality rest. Moreover, it will optimize the time to fall asleep for an active morning wake-up.

To get information about sleep phases, you need to start the app and put your mobile device next to your pillow. Before this, you should allow access to the microphone.

The utility analyzes not only the quality of sleep but also the sounds produced. Based on the data obtained, a graph of the phases is built. You also have access to useful recommendations. Visual graphs help to know the time of falling asleep and waking up.

With the utility, you can set the alarm clock and configure the schedule of its triggering. It is possible to select the time and days of the week. The app also allows you to set the melody and volume of the alarm.


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