Retro Tank Party Game Review

Do you want to be nostalgic for the old Tetris tanks and try yourself in battles with other players? Then try to play an online multiplayer game — Retro Tank Party.

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Retro Tank Party1

Together with a group of friends (2-4 players can play the game at the same time), you can have fun and plunge into this atmosphere. The controls in the game are very simple, and you get a lot of enjoyment due to active combat. Each player gets a tank of a different color, and you fight to the bitter end.

The game also has various bonuses, with which the player receives certain abilities and leaves no chances to the opponent.

Retro Tank Party2

The design of the game is very pleasant – bright colors are perfectly combined with a fairly simple and minimalistic drawing that does not distract from the fighting. For battles, you can choose different locations, and, for example, try to win in the maze. A nice plus of the game is the support of the gamepad.

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With each update of the game, something new is added, for example, new abilities or weapons. The game is balanced and has low system requirements so it will work on any computer. In general, this indie shooter will captivate you and your friends for a long time.


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