9 Best Interval Timer Apps for Android & iOS

When you are working out it’s crucial to take care of the timing. The intervals, when you are doing or not doing exercises, can define the whole efficiency of your workout. And even if you have an excellent sense of time, it’s still not efficient to rely on that only.

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That’s why we highly recommend using special timers during your workout time. And don’t think that they look anything like a timer that you’re used to. No, they are designed for physical exercises especially; many of them can be found built-in into the fitness apps, with special features and so on.

Anyway, we picked up the best interval times with the most diverse functions so everyone could find something that fits their needs specifically.

1. Interval Timer - HIIT Training

Let’s open our list with one of the most convenient interval timer apps. This is the HIIT timer only – so no extra features which are going to distract you – you only set up the interval and press “start”. The app is just perfect for home workouts.


The frequency of sets is adjustable so you can regulate the intensity. You can also create recordings and record the idling time. And even if you keep your screen blocked the app will continue working. Plus, the app compiles all the statistics that you made during the week and then shows the results to you.

The interface design is a little bit plain, however, it is extremely convenient in usage and simple to work with. You can choose one of the exercise categories that you will find in the main menu – there you will find the already existing pre-sets for workouts. Each one is designed specifically for the type of exercise for various body muscle groups.

And to be 100% fair, sometimes this app might be innacurate, but in general, users are quite happy with it.

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2. Workout Trainer: Fitness Coach

And to those who are looking for a full-package fitness app and not just the interval timer, we recommend sticking with this one – it has the extended features of the interval timer so if that’s your main focus, this app will provide the full support.

In the app, you will find everything you need – the programs of workouts for various muscle groups, and each exercise contains the text and video explanation about how you should do it. When you open the app, you can choose, whether you want to stick with a definite program, or just do any kinds of exercises using the timer.


You can also create your own workouts with your own intervals. Also, there is a chance to listen to your music during the workout, even though the app is working. Workout Trainer is the whole community of those who stick to the healthy lifestyle – chat in the app, discuss various topics – and maybe you find new friends who share your passion.

After a while of working out, the app will gather the statistics, and will present it to your as the graph.

However, keep in mind that the user interface here is not the easiest one to handle, especially when you want to create your own set of exercises. What is more, many users complain about payment issues, there are some cases when the app charges money without your permission.

3. Seven – 7 Minute Workout

The nest one app on our list is actually a really popular one in the fitness world – and it will suit those who want, once again, to get not only the HIIT timer but the full fitness guide app.


We could talk about its timer possibilities, but let’s start with the main idea of this app. It’s called Seven because it includes the workout session, 7 minutes each. It was created for those who can’t find time, motivation, or power to work out.

Now you have no excuses because this workout will last only 7 minutes. Do it every day and you will see significant improvements in your health.

And if each workout is 7 minutes it means that all the intervals are already set in the app according to the types of the exercises. You only need to choose the program of workout for muscles and then you’re good to go! And if you want the extra support you can buy sessions with a personal trainer.

You can also create your own workouts and set the intervals according to your preferences. There is no separate timer as it is in other apps, but seven handles this mission quite well, and it’s the optimal decision for those who feel the lack of motivation.

4. Keelo – Strength HIIT Workouts WOD at Home & Gym

This app might be considered as not the most popular fitness app ever, however, it’s definitely one of the best ones when it comes to HIIT timers.

Just like the previous one, it contains already pre-planned workout programs with already set intervals and timers. Just choose a daily workout and each time the new exercise starts, you will see the countdown with how many seconds are left. After each set, you will get a few seconds to have a break.


There is a wide diversity of workout programs and you can also create your own with your own timing and intervals. The only thing is that the user interface is not so easy, especially when you open the main page you need to figure out how to use the app first.

However, the workouts and the timer itself are perfect. For usage, the app charges a small monthly fee. What is more, it allows data synchronization with Google Fit. There is also an AI in the app that can help you to create your personalized program.

You can also hire a personal trainer in the app if you want – for an additional fee, of course.

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5. Seconds Pro – Interval Timer

And finally, we go back to the interval timers only. Seconds Pro is the ultimate timer app, which can be used for any purpose. It includes several modes, starting from the simple timer to the interval timer with the type of exercise that you are currently doing.


Along with that, the app can show how many sessions are left before the end. We would also like to highlight the cool interface design of the app – big numbers are perfectly visible even for people with bad vision.

The timer itself is fully customizable – you can choose the sound of notifications, alarms, you can choose the color of the background, the type of the timer, and so on. There are also templates for HIIT training which is very useful. Plus, you’ll find the speech-to-text function in this app.

What is more, you can add your own music to the app if you want. However, here you have to note that all the possibilities of customization are available in the paid version only.

6. Freeletics Training Coach – Bodyweight Fitness

Here we again have a popular fitness app that includes not only timers but the excellent workout programs. The distinctive feature of this app is that it already has planned workouts with timing, but you can customize them according to your preferences – you can add or remove something.


Considering the workouts, this app will suit only the people with high motivation, because its main idea is based on your are planning your workouts yourself. If you’re someone, who always needs an external push, then you should better go for another app.

Apart from that, Freeletics Training Coach contains 24-hour fitness advisor support. There is a lot of articles about fitness that you can read in your free time. In Freeletics you can choose the length of your workouts and set your own intervals. A nice choice for a multi-purpose HIIT app.

7. Simple Interval Timer


The name of the app speaks for itself. If you’re looking for nothing exotic and just want to get an interval timer for your iOS device, this is your choice. It has a very convenient and simple user interface and allows you to customize your workout time.

In order to complete the set, you need to set up the 5 configurations. Adjust the action, the break, choose the volume of signals. What is more, the app is capable of measuring your heartbeat as you workout (with the usage of the Apple Watch).

The app has positive reviews from users, the only drawback they note is that the signals from the app aren’t loud enough.

8. Tabata Timer: Interval Timer Workout Timer HIIT


This is one of the most popular timers and the timer which probably includes a wides range of features – considering HIIT ones. The app will be suitable for people with an advanced or medium level of physical shape because it contains the timing for already existing workouts.

Being more presice, the app just names the type of the exercise and then the countdown starts. Of course, you can always create your own programs of workouts, however, the most convenient way is to use the ones which are already in the app.

This timer will be sutiable for the most various types of workouts: cross-fir, body pump, stretching, pilates, yoga and many more. The design of teh interface couldn’t been done better, however, what you have is quite enough for a HIIT timer.

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9. Interval Timer


Last but not least we have this cute Interval Timer app. It’s probably, the most simple and most lightweight app on our list. Here, all you have to do in order to set up the timer is to choose the number of sets, the length of work, and the rest.

The app also includes the boxing timer, Tabata timer, HIIT training, and circuit training. You can also save your sets in order to repeat them again and again. Interval Timer also allows you to play the music in the background while you’re working out. And, if you want, you can set up the additional notifications.

Plus, the app has mainly positive feedback from users. The only drawback here is for some reason it doesn’t allow you to insert changes into the set as you have already saved it.

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