11 Best Games Like PUBG Mobile in 2024 (Android & iOS)

PUBG has captured the attention of millions of players around the world because of its battle royale format. In it, participants face each other in epic battles with incredible weapons.

The graphics and mechanics of the game also deserve special attention, cause everything is thought out and traced to the smallest detail. However, many players want to distract and try something new without betraying their favorite genre.

In this regard, on the mobile app marketplaces, you can find great alternatives. They are not inferior to the original game and in some cases even have their own unique features that are addictive for many hours of play.

Try these best games like PUBG mobile in 2024 that you can play with friends right on your phone.

Real-time strategy genre is also a great way to have fun so you may adore these best MOBA games too.


NEW STATE Mobile is a novelty from the creators of PUBG. Now players will have to take part in the greatest battle.

100 participants will meet in an incredibly realistic and exciting 3D survival action. Feel the heat of the fire in the hottest battles with gamers from all corners of the globe.

A huge selection of maps, an impressive arsenal of weapons to suit your taste and killing techniques, equipment, and a variety of vehicles.

At the beginning of each match 100 players will be dropped onto the map from a plane, and then survive as best they can.

Do not think that you will sit in an ambush or steal a wheelbarrow and go to the last corner of the map. The blue zone will gradually tighten and all players will be forced to move to the center of the map, and then the carnage begins.

You will gain gaming experience, and take part in mind-blowing battles. Enjoy cutting-edge graphics and a new survival system.


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Garena Free Fire: Rampage

Garena Free Fire: Rampage is a survival simulator, an analog of the popular game PUBG.

Here you disembark from a plane and immediately after landing the game of survival begins. Collect weapons, clothing, and armor, steal cars, and hide or attack your enemies.

Your goal is to survive at all costs. Each game takes 10 minutes and takes place on an island where your character and 49 other real players are parachuted off a plane.

Explore the huge map, hide in the grass, hide in trenches, fight your opponents, and ambush them. The goal is one – to stay alive with just one player.

The graphic component of the shooter is on the highest quality level. It comes with excellent drawing, bright colors, natural lighting, and a lot of awesome special effects.

In Free Fire the main part of the time is spent on loot, so treat this business responsibly and thoroughly. There is a lot of loot, enough for everyone, the main thing is to pick up the best ones in time: helmet, armor, handle for Kalashnikov.

Fight for the right to survive and become the only man on the island.


Rocket Royale

Rocket Royale is a colorful shooter with 3D graphics, where everyone behaves not quite adequately. The game will delight you with tactical battles, crafting, and the ability to fly a rocket.

It’s a battle royale with plenty of options. You will go through a portal and find yourself on a dying planet where you must fight for existence.

Everyone around you has gone crazy, the world is unconventional, and some of the battle locations hang in the air. There is little time to think, you have to look around immediately, and find resources to improve your fortification and equipment.

In the first minutes, you have a hammer in your hands, with which it is irrational to conduct long-range battles. Yet, you can use it to destroy game elements and collect bonuses. Somewhere on the map scattered equipment, ammo, and armor, you need to find it all.

You can use the hammer to destroy buildings, collect meteorites, and build floors, walls, and overhead ramps. There are about 20 kinds of weapons scattered all over the island. These include pistols, shotguns, rifles, snipers, and more.

The rarer a weapon model is, the more powerful it is. Rocket is a great place where you can show yourself, the controls are not different from other games of the genre. You can also plug in a gamepad to increase your reaction speed and personal effectiveness.

Unlike other games, the shooter Royale has simple graphics and doesn’t require a lot of performance from your device. Playing the game you will get a lot of positive emotions and a big dose of adrenaline.

To win you need to choose one of two ways: to forge a missile and run away, or kill all the enemies on the map. Both options require your own style of play. Each session is a battle with 20 real players, only one will survive.

For the successes you will get experience and points, you can level up and pump up your skills. You can play alone against everyone, or fight in pairs and teams of three. Earn the right to life, and become a leader in the ranking table.


Sky Wars for Blockman Go

Sky Wars for Blockman GO is another pixel game that strongly resembles a mix of mobile Minecraft, Roblox, and battle royale games.

Sky Wars is one of the many mini-games for Blockman GO, the main task of which is to survive on a small map with loot.

There are 2 main game modes: Sky Royale and Sky Wars. At first, you have to survive in a fairly large pixel world, look for weapons and medical supplies, and destroy competitors.

All players are divided into 4 teams of several people (2, 3, or 4). Each team has its own spawn point. All bases are connected to each other by bridges, on which you can find a lot of loot. This can be a variety of weapons, armor, and other materials.

Sky Wars is a more hardcore version of the first mode. Here face exactly 8 players against each other. No teams, no one helps here, you have to rely only on your own strength.

All the loot will be right at the spawn point. Win battles and earn gold coins that can be spent to buy new items for your character. Buy unique and stylish costumes, choose hairstyles and facial features, and customize animations.

You can also make friends from all over the world in the game and play with them.


Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter is a mobile shooter where you can compete with other players. There are survival and exploration game modes. Characters can get different skills and use parkour techniques when moving around.

Heroes get superpowers and can apply them in battle. Users can choose a character to play, each of which has its own characteristics and talents.

In the main menu of the game is the avatar of the hero, name, and level. At the top of the window the game settings button, messages, weapons, group, and the “invite friends” button.

Most of the window is occupied by the image of the hero and the background. On the right are the store, supplies, and skip buttons. The user selects the type of battle and presses the “start” button to enter the battle.

The droid has skills to develop, the player will be given tasks related to skill development. For example, build a wall so that the droid has a survival skill. The hero flies to the battle in a plane, which has a fantastic view.

Now, you can open a map that shows the location of the plane and the places where the fighting is going on. You can fly to your destination by plane. It is also possible to jump off the plane and fly in a small machine that resembles a surfboard.

The player lands on the spot and your task are to find weapons and ammo. The top left corner shows the number of players and the number of kills, the type of ammunition the player has. In the middle are a change bar showing distance and other landmarks.

In the upper right corner are a mini-map, a settings button, and a timer. On the left, there is an area of the hero’s movement and a button to turn on the auto sprint. On the right are the sight, jump, ammo change, crouch, and somersault. At the bottom is a ribbon with the player’s available weapon.

The hero can also wear ammunition to protect the body from damage. When one of the players is wounded the corresponding information is displayed on the screen. The hero can climb skyscrapers and bridges, hide in ambush, and the drone will help to descend from heights.



Pixels Unknown Battle Ground is a Battle Royale combat game. Fight to survive, and use all the weapon’s potential. It’s a game in the canons of the acclaimed PUBG, but this time in a pixel-based stylization.

At the beginning of each round, a bunch of players is dropped onto the location completely naked. The goal of each player is to find the best equipment on the map and kill all opponents, leaving the last survivor.

The constantly narrowing combat zone leaves no opportunity to sit in one place. Players will have to clash every time until only one remains alive. The pixel concept definitely makes many aspects of such games easier.

The controls are clear, the mechanics are intuitive, and the graphics don’t require much performance from the device.

There are more than 30-pixel weapons available in the game, which in varying degrees replicate the style of real-life weapons. Besides equipment and weapons, the game includes transportation for movement around the map.

The interface is a virtual joystick on the left side of the screen for movement. There are interaction buttons on the right side of the screen, which are responsible for the firing, reloading, aiming, and parkour.

The bottom block provides quick access to inventory and weapons. It allows you to instantly change weapons depending on the situation. This game is recommended for Battle Royale fans who do not have the ability to play analogs on the computer.


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Zooba: Zoo Battle Royale Game

Zooba is a battle of beasts for survival. It involves cold and firearms, explosives, and other murderous objects. The survivor wins.

Battles take place in a zoo, where it’s every man for himself and you can also fight against guards. The game has more than 20 unique characters, each with its own character and personal qualities.

The player upgrades characters and picks up their weapons, skins, and emotions. The game is possible in multiplayer mode against other players. Fight for the top of the leaderboard, completing interesting missions and collecting rewards.

Management is done with the joystick on the right side of the screen and the attack buttons. You can also connect the keyboard. The hero has three types of weapons – cold, firearms, and grenades.

Ammo is infinite, but there are a few seconds between shots, so you have to be deft in combat. Each character also has their own crown trick, which is also available a few seconds after it is performed.

After defeating your opponents, you get their weapons, grenades, and first-aid kits, which the hero uses. Gold coins and gems are also given for victories, which are spent in the store. The player also raises the level of the fighter and improves qualities in the profile.

These are the possession of different types of weapons and personal qualities. The more money, the more upgrades are possible. On the battlefield, there are guards who drop the first-aid kit after killing them.

Sometimes first-aid kits and armor just lying on the road and you need to have time to pick them up. In the zoo there are also places with high grass, where you can not see the enemy, only some details can show its presence.

To give the players vigor and fighting spirit, someone sets a fire from which there is no hiding and it envelops all the fighters in rings. You need to be able to kill all opponents before the fighter dies from the fire or another character.

Fight in different leagues, receive increased rewards, join clans for support, and higher rankings.



Overdox is a Battle Royale game with a variety of fields and a wide range of equipment. The first time Overdox starts up, it asks the user to agree to the terms of use, after which they need to log in.

You can log in with a Facebook or Google account or log in as a guest. The game starts with a training match, which will explain the basics of gameplay.

Then you’ll see a gear store where you can upgrade your equipment and a menu of first-armor settings. The game has two internal currencies – coins and diamonds. These are replenished after successful rounds, and diamonds can be purchased through microtransactions.

On the next launch, the game will start from the main screen, where you can prepare your character and select the field to play.

The goal of the game is to win on the battlefield. At the beginning of the match, 13 players appear on the field, and the match continues until there is one player left.

It is not enough to fight your opponents directly to be successful. You need to familiarize yourself with the field and use its layout to your advantage.

The interface is standard for mobile fighting games. There is a virtual joystick, a player status, a mini-map, and control buttons.


Standoff 2

Standoff 2 is a vivid first-person shooter that lets anyone feel like a military man or a terrorist. It is up to the player to choose which side to be on.

Further settings depend on the participants’ own preferences. The game recommends a tutorial designed to familiarize the user with the possibilities of Standoff 2 and the inner world of the shooter.

Controls are intuitive, all actions are performed by pressing the appropriate buttons. Each character has its own profile, which displays all the achievements. These include the number of battles, the percentage of accurate shots, and the ratio of wins and losses.

There are 3 modes to choose from. Team combat reveals the winner in group battles. In the mode of laying bombs players will have to go 15 rounds. In the arms race, the winner will be the participant who has made kills from the entire available arsenal of weapons.

Before any battle should be familiar with the composition of their group, during battle to track the movements of opponents on the map area. Players on opposite sides of the barricades are real people, so the human factor comes to the fore.

In the end, Standoff 2 is a processed and reinterpreted version of PUBG with its own rules and a unique game world.


War Robots Multiplayer Battles

War Robots is a multiplayer action game. The game is a six-on-six PVP battle in a sci-fi world, where combat robots converge on the battlefield.

All the action takes place online. To win the battle it is necessary to capture points of control. In the case of capturing more points after 10 minutes, the team wins.

An alternative method of achieving victory is the destruction of all opponents. Since the main unit in the game are the fighting machines, all development is aimed at improving weapons and equipment.

The game features 3 classes of robots: light, medium, and heavy. The first has great maneuverability. It allows them to quickly capture control points, but weak armor and light armament make them a vulnerable target.

The heavy ones have the most powerful weapons and strong armor, but due to their low mobility, they are tactically defeated. Medium robots get a little of each type and have enough maneuverability and acceptable armament.

Weapons are also divided into types and options for obtaining them. Some weapons can be bought for silver obtained in battles, some can only be assembled from parts. Each battle brings the player silver, experience, and rating points.

For in-game currency, you can buy improvements and new equipment. Experience increases the level of players and robots, which improves their combat characteristics. Ranking points determine the rank of the players.

Each battle is generated by the matchmaking system, so increasing the rank allows you to fight against strong opponents. A platoon system has also been introduced, with which you can take part in battles with your friends.

Controls are intuitive. For full-fledged combat, it is enough to control the robot with the analog joystick and fire using the virtual buttons on the right.


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Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is an exciting action game in which you can fight alongside your friends. The multiplayer game brings people together.

By helping other players, you can get invaluable support, which will later help you win many battles.

Advanced arsenal can be upgraded and pumped in the course of the game. Opponents also stockpile a lot of weapons and take care of the superiority of forces in advance.

Dexterity, courage, and bravery will help to defeat all enemies. Shoot to kill, use a variety of weapons to overthrow your opponent. You can fight with friends and solo.

Take part in rapid-fire battles, and unlock dozens of fighters with powerful forces. To stand out from the rest of the gamers, you can collect or buy unique skins.