Top 8 Fish Identification Apps for Android, iOS, Windows

Are you a scuba diver or a fishing enthusiast, stumped by all the different types of fish you encounter? We know exactly what you need!

We’ve scouted the top fish identification apps for Android, iOS, and Windows for you to try. These are gems for tank owners, fishers, or anyone who wants to discover all about aquatic creatures.

These apps help you determine your net or find the next specie for your aquarium. Some apps require manual search while others only take one snap, but all give accurate results. Let’s dive in!


Let’s start with an app to elevate your fishing exp. This app truly has it all when it comes to locating the finest areas. There are in-depth maps that let you get exceptional coverage and high-resolution bottom contour detail of all your fave spots.

Above that, it covers an AI-based tool that can help you discover new places to fish, and confirmed catch locations help ensure that you’re fishing in the right spot at the right time. You can even use it to find prompts to determine what fish you’ve bought today. Yeah, it will take some time and effort, but you’ll get there.

But let’s talk about what really matters: catching bigger ones. The app delivers top baits used on your site, so you can learn from other anglers, get local tips, and see the gear used. The predictions can also help you know exactly when and where to cast your line for the greatest chance of success. Plus, you can buy the best-performing baits right within the app!

And for those wanting to reel in more catches consistently, the app has a logbook and condition insights, you can monitor your progress and learn what works best for you.


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Tired of the ambiguity that comes with being an amateur angler? Want to step up your exp and become a pro? This app can help. It’s a true gem for those who have struggled with specifying species. It uses the latest tech to quickly specify your catch, but it also delivers all the info you need about local regulations.

All you have to do is take a snap of your net and voila! Instant determination. You’ll be able to learn everything there is to comprehend about your net: what it looks like, whether it’s edible, and more. No more guessing if your fish is in season or if you’ve caught too many.

The app can also help you navigate regional regulations and decipher complex marine maps. It has a robust lib of marine resources, making it a to-go tool for all things fishing. You’ll get to check-time marine weather, tides, waves, temp, and more.

You can even monitor solunar activity and log your yields. Ensure that you incorporate GPS data to facilitate a smooth return for future endeavors.



This little tool will take away the struggles of flipping through pages of fish ID books every time you catch smth new. It is your one-stop shop for all things fishing. It covers the largest base of line-caught species in the world, so determining your catch has never been easier.

Plus, the HQ images ensure you’re getting the most accurate info available. And with regulations for all lined species included in the app, you can rest assured that you’re abiding by the rules no matter where you are.

The app considers numerous aspects of the marine inhabitants, including the fact that they can change color depending on the season and other factors. In case you’re still stumped on an ID, the built-in facility lets you send an image to the app’s team for quick and accurate recognition.

But wait, there’s more! The app also covers tide times for all stations throughout Australia and an almanac with fish displayed on a solunar clock. Monitor all your trips with the trip log and net details. Plus, follow your mate’s progress and trips for some friendly competition. All these tools operate offline, so you can use them at any time needed.


Picture Fish 

That’s an app that will become every fish lover’s BFF. So if you’re an aquarium buff that loves to collect various species, you’ll surely appreciate this app. This one is truly a masterpiece of technology that can quickly determine any fish with just one pic.

With over 3K sorts of fish, rays, mollusks, and crustaceans in its database, this is an ideal tool for any aquarium owner. The app is user-friendly and made for everyone! It takes a quick snap and you can determine any creature you encounter effortlessly.

One of the coolest aspects of this one is its ability to help you care for your fish correctly. The app delivers detailed info along with insights on how to take care of them. So if you want to construct the perfect environment for your aquatic mates, this app has your back.

You can also log the IDs in your lib if needed. It lets you revisit the pics and info whenever you like, making it easy to observe your tank. The UI is smooth, it’s a great combo of technology and style.


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It’s the ultimate companion for any underwater enthusiast. Are you an avid scuba diver or just a casual snorkeler? No matter your level of exploration, this app is an absolute must-have. With over 1,5K species of marine life aka fish, sharks, rays, and other ones, it’s a gem for determining species and learning about the ocean residents you encounter.

And let’s be honest, there’s nothing more satisfying than impressing your dive buddies with your extensive marine life knowledge. The app’s interface is effortless to use, making it effortless to operate all 78 groups of creatures.

The coolest aspect of this one has it be its filters. These make determining a breeze. You can explore by color, pattern, location, shape, conduct, and much more. You can even do that by tail fin shape (who knew there were so many types of those!).

Even if you don’t know the term of the creature you’re searching for, this app has got you covered. You can look by scientific or common names, giving you a list of matching marine life to pick from. Each result comes with a stunning pic, a definition, distribution, legal status, depth, and more.


Fish Identifier by Picture

This app helps you determine what fish you just caught. It only takes one snap, and you instantly recognize your catch and impress all of your fishing buddies.

Not only does this app cover all marine species, but it also gives valuable bonus material in the edu section. Learn about anatomy and families while you wait for your next big catch. The worldwide coverage is split into 31 regions, so no matter where you are, you can filter to discover the ideal match. You’ll get to know in-depth info on the fish aka its habitat, depth, and all that.

And with approximately 10K species included, this app has one of the highest totals around! Not only does it work with fish, but you can use it for all marine species! That’s right, no more guessing whether that is a dolphin or a porpoise!

In case you want to step up, feel free to upgrade to a pro to unlock advanced tools. Although the free version is fully usable, the paid one brings up more benefits if you’re going to use the app frequently.


Fishes: East Pacific

This app lets you explore the aquatic life of the East Pacific. It has a multi-lingual UI, boasting a comprehensive exp for users. With over 1,3K species and 5K images, this is the ultimate companion for determining fish in the region.

It can be helpful for a bunch of people from scuba divers to enthusiasts. You may rather work with specific regions and types of creatures to cater the exp to your prefs.

Each species page contains in-depth definitions of their form, size, habitat, and depth range. Plus, with multiple images, you’ll be able to differentiate between similar species and avoid any misidentification.

The app has a simple search bar to look for generic common names, sites, and other things that could help you figure out the specie. The app is both informative and user-friendly. It’s filled with alphabetic lists and a glossary of scientific terms.


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South Florida Fish ID

Last off, there’s an app that will be useful for avid fishermen and those who appreciate marine life. It may not be as in-depth as some of the other apps, but it gets the job done, especially if you’re interested in the region it covers.

The app covers a comprehensive glossary of fish down in Florida waters, and you can search through it to determine your catch. It comes with HQ pics and definitions of each species. From the strikingly beautiful sailfish to the elusive bonefish, this app has got you covered.

The app also includes legal sizes for each fish. This not only ensures that you are abiding by regulations, but also promotes responsible and sustainable fishing practices.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! The app also offers a quiz, letting you test your ID skills and learn even more about these fascinating creatures. And with its friendly and creative UI, using this app is not only informative but also enjoyable. It’s fully free, and no ads are included.