Top 10 Dog Stop Barking Apps for Android & iOS

Tired of constantly shushing your furry friend? Do you dream of a world where your doggo’s bark is no longer a constant nuisance? Well, you’re in luck!

We’ve rounded up an array of top dog stop barking apps for Android & iOS. These are easy to use and will help to end your dog’s incessant barking.

From ultrasonic sound emitters to training games, these apps promise to calm even the most stubborn barkers. In fact, you can use built-in whistles to repel mosquitos if needed. Talk about multitasking! Get ready to transform your dog’s barking habits and reclaim your sanity with these apps!


If you’re a dog owner, you know how frustrating it can be when your furry pal won’t stop barking. But fear not, this app is here to help you train your pooch and put an end to their excessive barking.

Not only does this app cover personalized puppy and adult dog training sessions, but it also includes problem-solving guides for those pesky behavioral issues. And the best part? It uses positive reinforcement methods only, so you can rest easy knowing your pup will learn in a fun and amiable environment.

But let’s talk about the real MVP of this app – the built-in whistle. This handy tool emits a high-frequency noise that’s indistinct to human ears but loud and clear to your pooch. With frequencies ranging from 22K to 25K Hz, you can train your dog with ease.

And let’s not forget about the built-in clicker! This little gadget makes positive brace more efficient. Just click when your dog performs the desired behavior and watch as they quickly learn and adapt.


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Need an app to make puppy parenting a breeze? This might be the one! It is all you need for a stress-free puppy-raising exp.

The app stands out from the pack thanks to its comprehensive and personalized approach. Made by pro dog trainers, it covers 250+ training lessons with snappy ‘how-to’ vids. No more ruff time figuring things out! From basic commands to potty training and leash skills, the app got it all covered!

Tailored training is a real treat! Just provide a few details about your pup and get a fully adjusted program. With 3 daily lessons uniquely designed for your furry pals, it’s like having a personal doggy coach! There are tons of lessons to prevent behavioral problems before they even start.

But here’s the best part: 24/7 live chat support with expert trainers! They’re always there to lend a helping paw and answer any questions, ensuring you and your pup stay on track. Training conundrums, be gone!

Oh, and let’s not forget about the community of fellow pup parents. The app has a treasure trove of articles with tips and tricks for those precious early days.



Tired of your furry mate acting like a wild animal? This app will help! It has everything you need to train your pup and strengthen your bond.

There are over 100 guided training courses and tricks, you’ll be able to teach your dog important skills with ease. And if you’re struggling, simply ask for help from one of the real dog trainers available on the app.

But what sets it apart is its personalized feedback system. You can send a vid of your pup performing a trick and receive personal feedback to improve their skills. And with the clicker and whistle, marking behavior and rewarding your pup has never been easier.

Not only does it help with training, but it also provides essential health reminders for your pup. From upcoming vaccinations to grooming appointments, the app has everything you may need. In short, if you want a well-trained and healthy pup, this app is right up your alley.



This little gem is a must-have for anyone looking to train their furry pal, no matter if you’re a first-time pup owner or a seasoned veteran.

One of the standout aspects of this one is its 80+ lessons taught by none other than a celeb trainer. These guys were a top 5 finalist on America’s Got Talent, so you know they mean business. The step-by-step instructions with clips make lessons so easy to follow, even your pup could do it (well, maybe not, but you get the point).

You also get access to live chat with a team of world-class trainers who are available 24/7 to answer all of your burning questions. Got a new pup and need help with potty training? No problem. Does your doggy bark incessantly and jump on people? The team is here to help.

And speaking of training, the app uses a positive brace to make learning a breeze. The built-in clicker means you can train on the go, and you can monitor your pup’s progress with ease. Plus, you get to collect badges as you train and master new tricks. Who doesn’t love a good badge?


Barking Dog Responder

Fed up with barking dogs interrupting your peace and quiet? Annoyed by your neighbor’s pooch? Try out this one! It is here to help you reclaim your peace and quiet.

With this nifty little tool, you can answer back those pesky barks with some barks of your own, or even an annoying sound to deter them from disturbing your peace. And if you want to keep your own pup company while they bark, you can use the app to respond with a specific sound or a gentle voice asking them to stop.

But that’s not all – this app is also useful for snorers, forgetful phone owners, and bird-shooters alike! With a variety of sounds to pick from, and the ability to record your own voice, the possibilities are endless.

The app is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Just pick a sound, and adjust the sensitivity to your liking. And with the ability to run in the bg, you can go about your day without worrying about the app interrupting you.


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Wanna teach your furry pal some basic manners? Give this app a try, then. With easy-to-follow lessons made by certified trainers, you can teach your pup everything from sitting to rolling over without breaking the bank.

But it doesn’t just stop at basic obedience training. They also cover packages for good behavior and even tricks and games. And the best part? Basic lessons are free!

Aside from training, the app helps you monitor all your pup’s important events, from vaccinations to hygiene care. With reminders and a history log, you’ll never forget to take care of your furry bud again.

For those wanting to take their training to the next lvl, the app also includes a whistle and clicker. Clicker training has been proven to be effective and easy, and with diverse sounds to try it has never been more personalized. The walking tracker helps you view your pup’s daily exercise, and the health articles are written and verified by canine experts and vets.


Dog Whistle Training Lessons

If you’re stuck in a situation where your pup just won’t listen to your commands, you need this app. Maybe the doggo is into barking or other behavioral problems? The app will help with that.

It’s able to generate tones ranging from 1 to 25K Hz, you can easily train your pup to come, stop, or turn with the three preset modes. Not only that, but this handy app even includes classes on proper training techniques. And for those times when your own or your neighbor’s dog just won’t stop barking, this app even has a feature to help with that too!

But wait, there’s more! This app also comes with a frequency seek bar to help you adjust the whistle to the ideal frequency for your pup, ensuring the best response possible. But remember, this isn’t a magic fix – you still need to put in the work to actually train your pup with the lessons provided.

Overall, if you want to intensify the bond between you and your furry companion while also getting them to listen to your orders, this app is definitely worth checking out. Your pup will thank you for it (even if they don’t say it in human words)!



Ready to transform your furry friend into a well-behaved pooch? This app is an online training savior!

First off, let’s talk about the mastermind behind this genius app. As YouTube’s #1 dog trainer, he knows his stuff. Lucky for us, he’s shared his decades of exp and positive reinforcement techniques in a 30-day vid course that’s free forever. Who doesn’t love free stuff?!

You’ll get to monitor your dog’s progress with ease, too. Want to focus on a specific behavior or challenge? No problem, just train by manners and watch your pup improve in no time. And if you want to take your dog’s training to the next lvl, the app covers over 75 behaviors and tricks to learn from.

Say goodbye to pesky problems like barking and potty training! It even has a private community on FB. You can connect with other pup parents, ask questions, and get advice to make your training journey a success. Did we mention the free ebook available for those who prefer to read and view images about the program?



Are you tired of barking up the wrong tree when it comes to training your furry pal? This all-inclusive app is the answer to all of your pet-parent concerns.

It covers a vast scope of tools, including clips and audio lessons for diverse activities. It also covers a problem behaviors program to say goodbye to pesky barking and chewing. There is even a course completion certificate to inspire you and your pup to reach new heights, so it’s your go-to app for all things dog training.

You can also train your doggo to learn new tricks with simple commands like “sit” and “give paw,” all while viewing their progress and health with individual accs and the calendar.

And let’s not forget about the precious moment’s gallery, ideal for storing all of your fave fluffy bud memories. Plus, with the in-app clicker, you’ll be armed and ready to take on any training challenge. So, whether you’re a seasoned pet parent or a first-time dog owner, this app will come in handy.


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To wrap up, there’s a comprehensive dog training program that caters to all of your fur baby’s needs. It is your one-stop shop for all things canine education and entertainment.

In fact, it covers 5 unique programs, so you’ll be sure to find the ideal fit for your pup. It can help with puppy potty training, basic obedience, barking conditioning, non-selection, or advanced tricks.

Plus, the app uses your answers to a short questionnaire to recommend a program tailored specifically to your dog’s needs. Talk about personalized service!

But the perks don’t stop there. It also boasts a feature that lets you reach out to pro trainers for advice and assistance. So if you’re struggling with a particular command or behavior, you can rest easy knowing that expert help is just a few taps away.

The app community is filled with fellow pup lovers who are always eager to share tips and tricks. You can even join epic photo battles and show off your pup’s best angles.