11 Best WhatsApp Chat Translator Apps for Android & iOS

If you have international mates, you know it can be a struggle to communicate with them. Luckily, we know exactly how to help with that situation.

We’ve rounded up the best WhatsApp chat translator apps for Android & iOS you could try. These let you effortlessly chat with anyone, regardless of their native language.

Most of these apps integrate with your keyboard, making translation quick and hassle-free. No more copy-pasting text into their-party tools and hoping for the best, these apps will do all the hard work for you. Let’s dive in!

Translator Keyboard

This app gives you a simple way to communicate across languages. It can translate chats while typing making language barriers disappear right before your eyes. It’s a real gem for those wanting to connect with people who speak different languages.

The translator keyboard makes it a breeze to type in any language, even if it’s not your native tongue. You can even text without even needing to type, and the app provides effortless translation directly from the keyboard.

And if you’re a voice typer, the app can even auto-type your SMS for you! But functionality isn’t the only perk of this app. It also offers adjustable keyboard themes and bgs, making it easy to personalize your chat exp.

Plus, the app seamlessly integrates with WA. Thus, you no longer have to switch back and forth between apps to get your translations done. Another great aspect of the app is voice typing. You can just speak, and the app will take care of the rest.


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Tired of getting lost in translation while chatting with pals on WA, IG, and all? Give this app a try: it’s a gem for anyone who wants to communicate across languages.

The key features of this app are nothing short of impressive. With this nifty tool, you’ll never have to worry about not understanding your international mates ever again. And not only that, but it also automatically detects a language, making the translation process even smoother.

But wait, there’s more! It lets you translate any visible foreign text in secs. This tool comes in especially handy when you’re traveling to a foreign country and can’t quite understand the language.

And let’s not forget the pic translator. It can detect and translate text in images, making it easier than ever to read signs, menus, or any other foreign text. You’ll also surely appreciate the voice transcription. You can just speak, and the app will automatically translate it into any language. How cool is that?



If you’re someone like me who has mates all over the world, you know the hassle of having to switch between apps to translate your texts. Well, you don’t have to do that anymore. That’s a keyboard extension that translates your SMS in real-time within any app.

That’s right, it works with any messenger out there, from WA to Email. Thus, you can seamlessly chat without needing to switch apps all the time. It’s like having your own personal translator right there with you.

Hereby, the translations are pretty accurate, and the app supports over 100 languages, including some rare ones. It also automatically detects the source language, doing all the work for you. Plus, it preserves capitalization and emojis, so your texts still feel personal and authentic.

You’ll surely love how user-friendly this app is. It’s optimized for all iPhone screen sizes in both portrait and landscape modes. And if you need to use the translation somewhere else, you can simply copy and paste the translated text.


Keyboard Translator

This simple app lets makes multi-lingual communication a breeze. It translates your messages in real time within any app. The app lets you can chat in any language without switching between numerous tools. You can now translate messages in real time within any app from the keyboard!

No more copy-pasting into a translation app and then back again to reply! This app does everything within the app itself, making chats a breeze. And the best part? It works both ways! If you receive a text in a language you can’t understand, simply copy the text and the app will show you what it means in your native language.

The language support is impressive, and the app is able to identify the languages for you too. The translations are fast and accurate without losing their meaning. And don’t worry, it preserves emojis too!

Once you’ll try this tool, you’ll be unable to go back to your load ways of translation. It saves so much time and makes chatting with international pals so much more enjoyable.


Chat Translator for Whatsapp

This one lets you translate WA chats while typing. It provides a seamless way of communication as you won’t need to go to third-party apps to understand what the other person is saying. The app works fast, so there won’t be y awkward delays, too.

With its smooth functionality, language barriers become a thing of the past. The translator keyboard seamlessly facilitates typing in any language, regardless of your native tongue. It even enables text input sans the need for manual typing, while delivering translations directly from the keyboard.

You can easily use this one with WA without making it a glitch or work slower. As for the voice type, the app goes a step further by automatically typing your SMS. There are no daily limits or other unfortunate things, so it’s a win-win situation.

However, this app offers more than just functionality. It has some customizable themes and bgs, letting you personalize your chat exp. The themes will work in any apps you use, and all of them are free, too.


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Auto Chat Message Translator

This app will make your chatting routine way easier. No more flipping back and forth between WA and Google Translate, or having to ask your mates to bear with your broken language skills.

The best part is that it’s so easy to operate. You just tap one button and pick the language of the person you’re talking to. From then on, every SMS you get is automatically translated. And with over 100 languages supported, you’re sure to find the right one.

This app is a godsend for making restaurant reservations or booking tours. And for expats and digital nomads, it’s a lifesaver for communicating with locals without the awkwardness of having to check a translator for every SMS.

Even business owners can benefit from this app by being able to sell to, support, and communicate with customers from abroad. You won’t even have to pay for anything! Yeah, there are ads, but the functionality is entirely free. The app covers light and dark themes, and it doesn’t affect the speed or the quality of your WA usage.


Chat Translator

This app provides a hassle-free way to convey with people from different parts of the world. It’s really a one-stop solution for all your translation needs. With its cross-application support, you can now easily translate text in any app. From texting distant relatives in WA to talking to strangers on Snapchat, this app has got you covered.

Each text takes seconds to render, so there won’t be any awkward chat pauses. But that’s not all! It also covers real-time text and voice translation. You can snap a pic of anything and the app will easily translate it.

But what sets this one apart, is the variety it offers. It covers 100 languages including rare ones and a vast range of emojis, too. That’s right, it not only considers the meaning of the emojis while translating but gives you some new ones to use.

Plus, the app is easy to navigate. It doesn’t require any skills, and you can copy any text with one tap. You can even add some translations to your faves if needed.


Mango Translate

If you think you can’t be surprised by a translation app, wait till you try this one! It can be used in so many different ways, and it gives a stunning performance each time. And with over 100 languages supported, it’s your one-stop-shop for all translation needs.

One of the best tools here is the ability to translate text across apps, using a convenient floating ball. Whether you’re scrolling through your feed, chatting with pals, or even reading a blog post the app can instantly translate the text for you.

There’s no need for switching back and forth between copying the text and all that. It covers real-time chat translation, regardless of the messenger. Say goodbye to language barriers and hello to global friendships!

Above that, there’s a built-in game translation, so you fave games even if they’re in another language. Bet you haven’t heard about such a tool yet, haven’t you? The text transcription is included as well, and it works within chats too.


Chat Translator

This app is a must-have for everyone having friends or clients abroad. This amazing app offers real-time translation for WhatsApp and other messaging platforms. No more awkward Google Translate copy-pasting.

This app is a gem for anyone who wants to translate chats in real time and still have a smooth conversation without any barriers. With this nifty tool, you can simply type your text, and it will be translated for the recipient.

The app does a great job translating texts and understanding the context, so no worries here. But it’s not just about ease of communication. The also covers a vast scope of language, ensuring that even the most obscure of ones are covered. Other than that, it’s not much this app can do, but it gets the job done quite well.

The app itself is user-friendly and easy to navigate. You don’t have to spend hours reading through the instruction manual to figure out how to use it. And while it may seem hard to believe, all of these amazing features are available for free.


Whats Translate 

This app supports over 99+ languages and even has an Al cam translation, which is ideal for being on the go. It lets you easily translate any text without leaving the app you’re currently using. It makes convos with people from different parts of the world a breeze!

You can translate chats while still inside your messenger. You won’t have to leave the app or copy and paste your text, causing awkward pauses. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s super convenient!

As for the cam tool, it makes it much easier to read text from signs or menus, even if you don’t speak the language. And if you’re worried about being offline, don’t be! You can still access the dictionary offline too.

Above that, you can translate text from anywhere using the floating text scanner. All you need to do is move the text scanner over text in your phone’s installed apps. The app even has a built-in dictionary that you can use at any time needed.


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Chat Translator Keyboard

To wrap up, we have a universal app for your texting needs. It’s one of the most versatile keyboards out there, and it comes with a built-in translator. The app lets you type through your voice, saving you a lot of time and effort.

The recognition is spot on, making it an incredibly efficient way to type. And if you need to translate text on the fly, this app has your back. The app lets you translate text into all world languages, and you can even listen, copy, and share the text.

The app is compatible with WA and any other messengers, so whatever you use, the app can work with it. The translation happens quickly, and the app usually captures the mood of all the SMS.

But that’s not all. The app also lets you turn your SMS into cool, eye-catching emojis. And with over 2000 options available, you’ll never run out of ways to express yourself. It even has a sticker maker that lets you make custom packs for multiple messengers. There are multiple pre-made packs too, but not all of them are free.