11 Best BPM Calculators for Android, iOS, Windows

On the hunt for accurate BPM counters to determine music tempo? We’ve got you covered here!

We have rounded up the best BPM calculators for Android, iOS, and Windows you could try. These are must-haves for music writers, DJ buffs, drummers, or anyone who wants to count a song tempo.

These apps deliver accurate results and come with adjustable settings that can be tailored to your needs. From intuitive interfaces to advanced tools, these apps will help you keep your BPM on point. Let’s get into it!


Let’s start with an app that helps you keep a steady tempo. This tool, made for professional use, guarantees trustworthiness with its well-tested beat detection engine. Not only can it handle most genres, but it produces the best results under specific conditions. And let’s not forget about the time signature, too.

The tempo curve tool lets you see the tempo shift over time. And the multiple zoom modes give you the flexibility to see the last 2 to 30 minutes. Plus, the advanced audio spectrum analysis via FFT makes this app even more accessible and accurate.

Using this one as a musician has several perks over a traditional metronome. You can use it as an objective tempo reference while still having the flexibility for tempo changes. Blind tests significantly enhance your timing confidence, particularly when fulfilling a tempo-leading role, such as that of a drummer.

You can even discover how your fave artists use tempo shifts, measure and improve your time-keeping skills. It’s also free and has minimal ads.


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That’s a versatile tool to monitor music tempo. Well, you can use it for multiple things, really, it is even useful for fitness buffs who want to gauge heart rate (although there are more handy ways to do that).

First of all, let’s talk about the visuals. The UI is not only easy on the eyes, but it’s also effortless to use. The app is flexible too, so you can adjust the settings to your liking.

But it’s not just a BPM counter, folks. The app also has a metronome that starts once the BPM stabilizes. This is ideal for performers who need to gauge the tempo of a tune in real time. And even if you’re not a music pro, it’s a great tool for workouts or any other activity that requires a consistent rhythm.

As for the accuracy of this one, it has been tested and proven to be highly accurate, so you can trust the results it provides. There are no hidden fees or sneaky in-app purchases here.


BPM Counter

Need a simple and reliable BPM counter app that won’t cost you a dime? Give this one a try! This little gem of an app is everything you need to accurately gauge the beats per min. It will be useful whether you’re a pro DJ or just a casual listener looking to get in deeper touch with the rhythm of your music.

One thing you’ll definitely appreciate about this one is how easy it is to use. All you have to do is tap your finger along with the beat of the song, and bingo! The app will instantly give you a precise BPM, down to the decimal point. No fuss, no muss, just quick and accurate results.

Of course, the app also comes with modification options to make sure it caters to your needs. For example, you can alter the sensitivity of the tap inputs to match your personal style. You can also pick one of the tempo ranges for the most accurate readings possible.

And all the results are precise, too. Regardless of the song type and its pace, the app will keep up with it. It operates even with the most complex rhythms out there.


BPM Meter

This app is a gem for music producers, DJs, and all music buffs in general. It’s incredibly handy and lets you easily count beats per min. All you need is to tap on the screen in rhythm, and the app will take care of the rest.

You’ll get to easily determine the tempo of the melody and scale your arrangement flawlessly. One of the things that sets this one apart is the fact that each tap produces a sound that can be customized to your liking.

Do you want a kick drum sound? Easy! Want an open hat? No problem! You can modify the sounds to your heart’s desire, making tapping in your beats not just easy, but enjoyable too! The meter displays the average BPM of the last four taps, which offers the necessary precision to work with music.

There’s even a nifty synchronizer to sync your beats with other devices in real-time. Not to mention, it is incredibly easy to use, and anyone can do it. Even if you’re not a music expert, you’ll find it easy to keep up with the beat at all times.


Simple BPM Detector

If you are a musician struggling to find the ideal cadence for your songs, don’t get past this app. It has a simple UI and accurate readings, so you’ll get precise results in no time. Gone are the days of guessing the BPM range or manually gauging beats. This app does all the work for you, providing up to three estimations for your convenience.

And it’s not just limited to metronomes and drums, it can even detect the tempo of some songs! Plus, the correlated BPMs are displayed all at once, saving you the hassle of scrolling through endless options.

If you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, this app is great for drummers, metronomes, and even songwriters. And the coolest thing? It’s completely free!

But what truly sets this app apart is its ease of use. No need to navigate complex menus or settings. Just open the app, hit record, and let it work its magic. Plus, its sleek design and simple functionality make it great for musicians of all skill levels.


Tap Tempo

This app is a game-changer for anyone in the music industry or those who just love music and DJing. The genius of this one lies in its ability to accurately measure the BPM of any song with just a tap. It’s like having your very own drum machine at your fingertips!

But that’s not all, the app goes one step further by providing you with a full metronome with audio clicks. This is ideal for performers who want to practice along with a steady beat, and it works smoothly every time. Plus, it’s another innovative feature that adds to the app’s charm.

You’ll also get to see the measured BPM in action through a live graph. It’s not often that you find a BPM counter that is as visually appealing as it is accurate, but this one truly excels in both areas.

The app can also give an average BPM score, ensuring that your measurements are as accurate as possible. It lets you save a list of names and bpm values for easy navigation. And with the option to sort your list by name or score, you’ll have all the info you need right at your fingertips.


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BPM Counter App

This nifty tool helps all the music aficionados out there. It’s a simple and fun way to monitor the tempo of any song. With over 200 genres to pick from, you can easily find the tune to tap along to. Whether you prefer house, trance, or techno, this app can help.

What’s more, the app’s color-shifting UI adapts to the rhythm of each selected track, providing a dynamic and immersive exp. And if you’re feeling extra creative, you can even unlock personalized themes and icons to make the app truly your own.

But the app isn’t just about aesthetics. The rhythm strobe flashes the bg in time with the beat, while the bar counter monitors the lifetime amount of the bars you’ve tapped. And with the ability to adjust BPM decimals, you get all the precision and flexibility.

Sharing functionality also lets you show off your rhythm-savvy to pals and fellow music buffs. The quality is not affected, and you won’t have to pay for anything here.



Fed up with clunky, ad-filled BPM calcs? Make sure to try this one, then. Its sleek and intuitive app lets you quickly and easily count BPM estimates by simply dabbing on the screen. But the app goes above and beyond just basic BPM calcs.

But what really sets it apart is the attention to detail put into its design. With an accessibility layout featuring larger fonts, everyone can use it with ease. And for dancers and high BPMs, the app covers handy multiplier support too.

There’s also a DJ layout with two tap panes, letting you count BPM for each player. You can modify it to fit your needs and get the best performance if needed. No more fumbling with separate calculators or guesswork on the dance floor.

And the best part? No annoying ads or unnecessary features that weigh down the app, it’s all about delivering what you need, and fast. You can upgrade to a pro pack to unlock advanced tools, but the free version is fully usable, too.


BPM Detector

This app sets you free from the need to tap your foot to count the BPM. It will revolutionize the way you detect tempo, making it easier than ever before. One of the coolest aspects of this one is that you don’t even need to tap anything! It automatically gauges the BPM from sound picked up by your device’s microphone.

Thus, you can keep your hands free to boogie on down to the beat. It also integrates with Shazam to give you the track’s name and artist along with the tempo. Plus, you can monitor all your past detections in a handy history list for further use if needed.

And if you’re really serious about your tempo detection, you can even put the app in full-screen mode to display a huge counter. The landscape mode is covered too, so you can cater the app to your prefs. This is ideal for DJs or anyone who needs to see the tempo from across the room.


BPM Counter

Are you a DJ or a music aficionado needing a fast and accurate way to detect BPM on a PC? This one can help. It’s a treat for everyone interested in remixing or sampling, as it lets you get all the info you need with little to no effort.

Don’t be fooled by online BPM databases: different versions of a musical composition can have varying tempos, making manual tapping a waste of time. This app lets you easily navigate the counting tool and get the info as quickly as possible.

It also displays all compatible audio files if needed. And don’t worry about that pesky octave error. The apps team has you covered with their use of full-range audio decoders. This ensures a balance between performance and precision, helping you avoid mistakes and inaccurate readings.

But don’t just take our word for it, try this app and experience the ease and convenience of having a reliable BPM detector. It will be useful for both pros and newbies, and it will surely become your fave tool.

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To wrap up, there’s a simple yet useful tool for all your DJ needs. With years of experience and expertise, this app has nailed the art of tapping into the perfect BPM calculation. Rest assured, your song mixes will never be off-beat again.

Above that, the app can be tailored to fit your specific style. Say goodbye to those unusual tap frequencies and multitouch errors that can ruin your music exp. Trust us, this app is worth every tap! There are tons of automated tools that don’t match the real BPM, and this app lets you avoid these mistakes.

The algorithm used to count the final BPM is based on 25+ years of exp in the DJ field. The manual tool may sound like a lot of work, but trust us, it’s worth it. You’ll be impressed with the range and specificity of the BPMs counted by this intuitive app. Plus, the app is completely free to use without any ads.