9 Best Apps Like VectorVest for Android & iOS

Investments sound exciting, and there are so many opportunities for it today which is amazing. However, one should keep in mind that investments almost always mean risk – more or less, but it always is. Everything depends on how much money do you have and how much money you’re ready to invest.

And if in the past you would handle over the control to special agents and ltd.’s then now the app for inestment perform their role successfully – often absolutely for free! All you need is just to download one of them and have a little bit of analytical mind.

VectorVest is one of the best apps in this sense. It provides the full infromation about the sock market and helps you to understand where you would better to invest. It can also compile predictions and calculate possible risks.

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But you might ask if there are any apps like this for Android and iOS so you would always have it in your hand? And we glad to tell you that there are! Explore this list and find the one that matches your preferencies best.

1. Fidelity Investments

The first app on our list is Fidelity Investments. This is a holding company that offers retirement plans, financial planning, trading, and brokerage services. This is one of the most reliable brokers on the market with an enormous amount of experience in this area and the highest level of service and many opportunities for a wide variety of investors and traders.


One argument to support Fidelity Investments. It has a huge number of clients and owns over 20 million brokerage accounts. Moreover, you are also given the opportunity to self-invest, access to a dedicated platform and manage your capital.

It is noticeable that you don’t need a minimum account to get started. But if you want to engage in margin trading, then you must have $5,000 on your account. Fidelity Investment does not charge a commission for small shares.

Fidelity Investments offers 2 trading options. The free desktop platform Active Trader Pro for the web is suitable for experienced traders. In order to use this platform, the user must be qualified.

For more experienced and serious clients, Fidelity Investments offers Wealth-Lab Pro with a minimum account of US $ 2,500,036. For the owner of the Wealth-Lab Pro account, it is necessary to trade 12 times during a XNUMX month period.

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2. Yahoo Finance

The next one best investment app is Yahoo Finance is a resource site that collects information about companies, bonds, and stocks. The portal can manage all the options for financial activities.


One should note here that Yahoo Finance has access to brokerage services and provides bank accounts to its customers.

First and foremost, Yahoo Finance offers its online users a flexible and simple financial management system on the platform, as well as free access to any brokerage information.

As a result, Yahoo Finance is a convenient platform for learning additional information in the world of brokers, as well as a simple financial management reporting system.


The following company is a convenient and reliable stock broker with investment offers that provides its clients with the opportunity to execute transactions in stocks, futures options, and many other instruments.

For traders, the minimum rate for the intended transaction starts at 0.01 and the minimum deposit for clients starts at $500.


Potential traders execute trade transactions with the following assets: futures, options, stocks, ETFs, commodities. If a potential trader makes less than 30 transactions per month, then the platform warns him about a high commission.

The minimum transaction amount is 0.01, the minimum deposit for clients is $500. There is one great advantage for E * TRADE users. The client does not pay commission for online trades.

Another important feature is the availability of modern encryption methods and SSL certificate at the company. It is an indicator of the reliability and security of users’ personal data and finances.

E * TRADE provides the following brokerage trading accounts:

  1. For those who want to buy and sell stocks, bonds, options, and other securities, it is recommended to open an individual account
  2. If you want your relatives to have access to your account, you can open a joint account
  3. Children can also have an account, it is enough to open a guardian account.

Overall, it is an easy-to-use platform with all the features you need.

4. Qapital Finance


The following application is ideal for those who want to learn how to save and invest in their future. This unique app was first launched in 2013 in New York. This banking application fully automates saving money and investing.

Qapital Finance has two account types for its clients: expenses and purposes. Your entire expense account savings are held in an FDIC insured account. The target account is in a dedicated, secure and secure digital ETF portfolio.

It should be said that Qapital Finance’s users will have an inorganic amount of translations and automated direct translation.

5. Stash

If you are just getting started in the world of investing, then the Stash application will help you out perfectly. This application will allow you to open your investment portfolio with ease and efficiency.


Green Dot Bank² debit card is online banking for those who want to learn how to invest. To get started with Stash, download the app or go to the web version. After downloading or switching to the web version, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire to find out how risky investments are.

Once you pass the test successfully, the app will offer you the best investment. If the user wants to replenish his investment portfolio, the platform will offer the user 1800 types of stocks of well-known companies and ETFs, a huge number of options, and bonds. After funding your account, you can start investing.

Moreover, Stash offers its clients 3 types of investment plans that you can choose any time. One key benefit of Stash is that it does not charge any fees. Stash is especially useful for those who started studying investing. This application will provide an excellent base for those who need it.

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6. StockTwits

Another one app is for a successful trader. If you always wanted to exchange your ideas and thoughts in a convenient application, then StockTwits was created for this very purpose. Share securely valuable information about stocks and bonds.


The app provides a huge list of useful news sources for traders. This application is completely free. Use hashtags under your posts to grab the attention of other members.

Publish and share important information from the world of investing. StockTwits have teamed up with discount broker Robinhood so you can switch between trading securities and the latest news from the trading world with extreme safety.

It should be admitted that StockTwits is a confident and reliable assistant for every trader. This application perfectly serves as an information source for traders. This is a useful place to track stock prices, learn something new that will really help traders in the future to sell successfully and find their share in the stock markets.

7. StockPile

Another app for young people and beginners to put up. Straightforward and user friendly application will teach you to invest properly in the stock exchanges. A flexible and simple interface will get a convenient companion for your enclosure.

The app was conceived for beginners to to provide capital investment and introduce them to the world of stock exchanges. StockPile’s system has gift cards that permit clients to transfer easily easily promotions.


The dashboard shows your productivity and your bottom line. Stockpile is a built-in broking company that aims to put up in the stock exchanges more approachable and minor frightening, particularly for teens. An elementary, well-organized functionality makes it fast and simple to purchase and vend stocks, shares and ETFs, and gift card possibility promote users to get the preferred gift for any holidays.

Choose in which industry it is better to invest your savings. Easy and convenient navigation is built specifically for beginners to make it simple to navigate.

Overall, StockPile is one of the best app for getting to know the stock exchanges and general investment concepts.

8. TradeStation

Long-term For traders will happy to know about the TradeStation app. It is a reliable and time-tested stock exchange trading application. TradeStation has all the needed functions for safe and reliable trading, such as simulation of trading rates and analysis. You can use this application on any smartphone.

The platform charges commissions for every trade. The web version includes an optimized and feature-rich configuration. Stable and flexible application with respect for each user. It should be noted that a sudden increase in trading does not influence the stability of the app, anyway.


An important factor is the long-term increase in the competitiveness of TradeStation among other similar applications for trading in the stock exchange.

If you are a trader with little experience, then having mastered the simple management system and technical abilities of this application, you will gain many superb skills that will help you trade successfully in the stock markets in the future.

Overall, this is a great app for those who know the fundamental details of the stock exchange and want to refine their knowledge of investment platforms. TradeStation has several advantages such as a variety of tools for each trader, its own schedule for developing a trading system, a flexible and technically convenient platform for use.

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9. TD Ameritrade

The last application is one of the best brokerage firm from all over the world. TD Ameritrdade is worth to be presented as brokerage firm. Most recently, TD Ameritrade became the holder of the ThinkOrSwim trading platform.


There is worth noting that this is the first company that offered its users online trading via mobile phones, thus it can be understood that this is an experienced giant with a high level of reliability in the trading world in the stock markets.

To begin with, it should be noted that new users will be pleased by the absence of a minimum for opening a regular balance sheet. If you want to start trade options, then the minimum base contribution to the deposit is $2000. For especially generous clients, the platform grants special bonuses.

To summarize, it can be clearly distinguished that TD Ameritrdade is one of the most famous and optimized brokerage firms that are always loyal to its customers.

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