Angular JS Software Review

The future has already arrived! Digital technology is everywhere: from watching movies to shopping online. There is a huge demand for workers in the IT market. Employers demand quality, but deadlines are very biting.

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That’s why young programmers simply can’t do without the AngularJS plugin from CodeLobster IDE! The simple and unobtrusive design does not distract from the most important thing – the development of single-page applications.

Thanks to it, you can save the latest version of the framework from the source site and put it in the desired folder using the wizard. The framework works with HTML that contains additional custom attributes that are described by directives and binds the input or output of a page area to a model that is a regular JavaScript variable.

You can go crazy as long as you remember all the functions and directives, so the ability to autofill not only allows you to write code faster but also saves your nerve cells. Just start typing, and the desired set of characters will be selected automatically, you can select it from the pop-up list.


In addition, in order not to get stuck in one place for a long time, you can use the built-in tips for writing code. Since Angular is a language, it has its syntax, and as in any language, in order not to be illiterate, you can use contextual help.

The plugin itself goes to the official website and provides the necessary information. The numbering of the code lines is especially useful, it is located to the left of the lines themselves. Besides, you can call for Dynamic Help which strives to use a minimal amount of text to explain how you can fill in the code lines.

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Installing the plugin does not take much time, and a huge advantage is the ability to use it together with your browser. Therefore, our verdict is that the time of long and painful code writing is coming to an end!

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