21 Solitaire Game App Review

If you are looking for a new involving card game we have to bring your attention to 21 Solitaire Game.

But what are the rules of this game?

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21 Solitaire Game1

The game is very simple. There are 4 columns where should collect cards. When each column receives 21 points, it will clear.

If you want to move the card from the stack, just click on the necessary column.

Each face card contains 10 points. The number cards have face value. The Aces can include both 1 or 11 points. Plus, if you use special combinations, you will receive extra points.

If the card does not fit any column, you will have to pass it. But for this, you have only 4 attempts per deck. When the card deck ends, you should tap on the New button to receive a new one.

21 Solitaire Game2

There is no need if you misunderstand how this app runs, as it provides user guides. For this, you just click on the “?” button.

By the way, 21 Solitaire Game boasts a very straightforward interface that guarantees a pleasurable game process.

Another interesting feature there – the game contains a Worldwide High Score table. So, you can monitor the other players’ performance worldwide!

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To conclude, 21 Solitaire Game is truly worth downloading. We have not found any significant disadvantages there. So, we believe you will fully like it!


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