Drag-n-Drop Crossword Fill-Ins App Review

Drag-n-Drop Crossword Fill-Ins is a puzzle game that will challenge your brain!

The interface is really simple. When you get on the game, you’ll see three buttons “New Puzzle,” “Current Puzzle,” and “Settings.”


Tap on the “New Puzzle” button to begin playing. A crossword and the words that you need to fill in will pop up. It’s all like in a regular crossword but without the questions and with the words given.

To fill in the blanks, drag the word you selected and drop it where you think it belongs. The goal is to fill all the empty spaces.


If you want to continue solving the same puzzle after you paused the game and came back later, choose “Current Puzzle.”

In the “Settings,” you will be able to choose the language of the puzzle words. More than five languages are available (Spanish, French, German, etc.), so you can learn some new foreign words while playing!


There will also be a “Puzzle Display Mode” section. You can choose to have or not to have a starter word or a solution preview,

There are over 300,000 puzzles, so you will not get bored!

All in all, the simple Drag-n-Drop Crossword Fill-Ins game will improve your problem-solving skills and concentration!


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