Top 10 Learning How to Type Apps for Windows PC


Did you know that people who touch type make 10% fewer mistakes than those who constantly look at the keyboard? And it is only one of many advantages mastering this ability brings. We have listed for you the the top 10 learning hot to type apps to help you upgrade your tech skills. And we …

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11 Best Pomodoro Timer Apps For Windows PC


Have you ever had situations where you put aside your even most important things and then get negative consequences in your direction? In order to get rid of such incidents Francesco Cirillo created the so-called “tomato method.” This article will feature best pomodoro timer apps for Windows PC. And we also recommend you to check …

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15 Best Vocal Remover Apps For Windows, Android, iOS

Best Vocal Remover Apps

Listening to your favorite songs is so cool and inspiring. Have you ever listened to the melody of your favorite track? Enchanting notes, beautiful musical instruments create an atmosphere and mood. We like the melody of some songs so much that we want to get rid of the words and enjoy it completely. Don’t rush …

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9 Best PD Measurement Apps for PC, Android, and iOS


Pupillary distance is an important parameter that should be carefully measured and taken into account when choosing glasses. If you make a mistake in this matter, your vision will not be clear, even if you bought glasses from the best manufacturer. Before, this parameter was measured only by qualified specialists with the help of professional …

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15 Best Cooking Games in 2022 for Android, iOS, PC

Best Cooking Games

Cooking games attract millions of players around the world due to the fact that they are as close to our reality as possible. They are also widespread among children, as they allow you to feel like an adult with responsibilities. These games are widely used on different platforms and have intuitive controls that will understand …

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