Myth Defense 2: DF App Review


A complex strategy, tactics of melee and long-range combat, mathematical calculations, it would seem, an ordinary casual game developed to have fun with fun. In fact, it is quite difficult to win at it, and even a grandmaster will envy the ingenious moves. If you like historical games, you should definitely check out the games …

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Lighting Calculations App Review


Lighting Calculations is a multifunctional application that allows you to make calculations in the field of lighting. This tool is full of various features, so let’s read more about them! You can also check the article about the Free OHMs Law Calculators for Windows. The app is pretty lightweight, so you will not have to …

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Galaxy Kids: English Learning for Kids App Review


If your children have difficulties while learning English, we would like to present to you an excellent solution – Galaxy Kids app. Adults can also learn a new language by learning one new word each day with these amazing apps. This tool is full of different involving lessons, so let’s find out why this app …

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Mobile Photo Scanner App Review


Are you still using your printer or scanner today? This is a heavy and complex device that cannot be used anywhere, especially since scanners do not always convey image quality well. It’s time to turn your device into a powerful scanner with various functions. This can be done using the Mobile Photo Scanner application. What …

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DOSprn Software Review


Many inexpensive printers do not have the function of printing in text mode, only in graphical so-called GDI printers). Older DOS programs are designed to print in text mode dot matrix printers. It should note that most printers do not support national languages. The DOSprn program can solve the problem. By the way, have you …

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Geometry Solver ² App Review


Geometric calculations are sometimes difficult and this is not surprising. Even an experienced mathematician can get confused in formulas, but with the Geometry solver² – calculator application you will forget about mistakes. Geometry solver ² – calculator is a collection of formulas and online calculators that calculate all parameters of geometric shapes or solids. More …

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YourHour App Review


If you are going to get rid of smartphone addiction, we have found an excellent solution for you – YourHour. Let’s find out why this app is so special! The major task of this tool is to enable users to keep track of the spent hours on the mobile phone. Plus, the installation process is …

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magayo Lotto Software Review


Hey, all the lotto players out there! We have found something interesting for you. magayo Lotto Software is a top-quality lotto program that allows you to quickly generate winning tickets. It is full of magnificent features, so let’s read more about them! Another cool way of winning easy money is investing in shares. However, when …

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TRANSDATpro Software Review


If you need help to convert spatial data to another coordinate system, then TRANSDAT is a significant find for you. One of the brightest advantages of the program is the ability to change data structures automatically along with transformations. You might also want to check Free OHMs Law Calculators for Windows. In addition, TRANSDATpro has …

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Yasisoft Image Editor Software Review


A high-quality and efficient editor provides an excellent opportunity to transform photos. The powerful and simple image editor Yasisoft Image Editor will allow users to edit a photo with a variety of effects and tools. What is more, you may also want to check Best Digital Invitation Card Maker Software – create cool greeting and …

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