Rainbow Yggdrasil App Review

Rainbow Yggdrasil is a great RPG with over 10 hours of playing time, the main character of which is a brave girl who explores the rainbow tree.

There is a storyline behind the game, the girl is trying to find the truth of the world through the tree. To do that, she has to explore a number of dungeons, where there are monsters who might attack the girl.

Rainbow Yggdrasil1

When you play, you’ll see control buttons. Skills, items, and attack buttons are located on the bottom of the screen.

Use special moves, or skills, like “Attack Up” or “Area Attack” to control the girl.

As you can see from the title of the game, colors are a big part of it. The colors are related to the strength of the different objects, including monsters and the main character.

Rainbow Yggdrasil2

If the monsters attack the girl, her health suffers. Keep an eye on her “HP”. When it gets to zero, the character will die.

Collect “soulspheres” as you play. They will improve your attack and defense skills.

To view your place among all the other players of the game, go to “Ranking” on the main menu.

Download Rainbow Yggdrasil to try it out for yourself! Invite friends to compete for a higher spot in the ranking!


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