Top 10 Learning How to Type Apps for Windows PC


Did you know that people who touch type make 10% fewer mistakes than those who constantly look at the keyboard? And it is only one of many advantages mastering this ability brings. We have listed for you the the top 10 learning hot to type apps to help you upgrade your tech skills. And we …

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11 Best Pomodoro Timer Apps For Windows PC


Have you ever had situations where you put aside your even most important things and then get negative consequences in your direction? In order to get rid of such incidents Francesco Cirillo created the so-called “tomato method.” This article will feature best pomodoro timer apps for Windows PC. And we also recommend you to check …

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9 Best Name Design Apps for Android & iOS


Hi! Are you looking for a cool app to design your logo or a name? Look no further than the following top list of the best name design apps that we have prepared for you! And we also recommend you explore the collection of these anime photo editors for all the platforms possible. Canva We …

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100NHAS: Game with 100 riddles App Review


100NHAS is a puzzle game that contains more than 100 levels of difficulty. This game is educational and entertaining in nature and is also intended for completely different age groups and for people with different knowledge. 100NHAS is notable for the fact that it can be played both on mobile devices and on a computer …

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Catch – a game for the Blind and Deaf App Review


Catch is an innovative format game for people deprived of the ability to see and hear. This game is a kind of tag, where you are blindfolded and your ears are closed, and you need to find your enemy and catch him! The essence of the game is that it can be played without sounds …

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PingIt 1984 App Review


PingIt 1984 is a futuristic air hockey game for practicing your fingers, in which your circles have to hit the opponent’s zone to win the round. You may also like: 11 Best Realistic Simulation Games for Android & iOS The first level is always the easiest, you don’t even have to strain – there will …

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Solitaire Online JD App Review


Solitaire is a card solitaire from our childhood, but in this case, it is in a modern form. Solitaire is a game that for over a hundred years has been popular. Now, appearing on the smartphone, a lot of people can play Solitaire, without wasting time shuffling the deck. You may also like: 9 Best …

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Net VR Theater Game Review


Breathtaking project Net VR – cinema, which is currently in early access. The developers have decided to make a really big project with the expectation of several years to come. Ultimately, the goal is to create complete virtual worlds where only your imagination is the limitation. You may also like: 11 Best Games Like Sims …

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