11 Best Reference Apps for Artists (PC, Android, iOS)

Best Reference Apps for Artists

Finding inspiration for new ideas and creating unique masterpieces often takes a lot of time and effort. Sometimes artists turn catatonic when they want to create something new. Thanks to the Internet, it has become easy to find new ideas, but it takes a long and painful time to dig through a variety of content. …

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7 Best SWF Player Software for Windows 10

Best SWF Player Software

The SWF format requires special software to play it. Actually, users often encounter this format. It’s especially common among web designers who work with flash animation.  Also, this format has its own advantages. This is a high-quality content playback along with a small size. Given all these advantages, it is clear why SWF files have …

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6 Best & Free Youtube to WAV Converter Software

Best & Free Youtube to WAV Converter Software

Youtube is an in-demand platform that has a variety of content but does not allow you to download it to your device for free. It is also impossible to extract audio from a video you like. However, this problem can be solved with the help of special services. They are available to all users without …

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11 Best Write On PDF Apps for Android, iOS, Windows

Best Write On PDF Apps

PDF is a widespread format, which is common for the files of the public domain. Yet, generally, it does not allow you to make edits, which are crucial sometimes. When reading, you might want to leave comments, take notes or sign documents in this format. Basic reader software has no such features. Thus, we have …

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9 Free ePub Readers for Windows 10

Free Epub Readers

One of the common e-book formats is ePub. It is supported by various operating systems. Most programs have all the tools to open such files. Moreover, Windows 10 has native support for this format. Microsoft Edge browser has a built-in stylish ePub book reader. Yet, it is not the most user-friendly software to read ebooks. …

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5 Best PDF Voice Readers for Windows 10

Best PDF Voice Readers

PDF format is common among e-books and documents downloaded from various Internet resources. There are many multifunctional readers that are perfectly capable of reading such formats. Yet, not all of them can voice the text inside the document. It is worth noting that this is an important feature, especially for book lovers. Now many people …

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11 Free Fake Email Generators to Use Online

Free Fake Email Generators to Use Online

Think of the many times when you wanted to access information or get a one-time registration for a service and you had to enter your email for that. Many people would agree that each time they registered, their mailbox would get increasingly full of spam. Some users even have a special one for such mailings. …

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4 Free OHMs Law Calculators for Windows

Free OHMs Law Calculators

The OHMs Law Calculator is a specific tool that is common among special professions. However, it can come in handy in some domestic situations. Special programs for such calculations which are now available on PCs are easy to use and accessible to all users. Use these free OHMs law calculators for Windows to get solid …

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7 Best CDR to PNG Converters for Windows

Best CDR to PNG Converters

One of the most popular programs for editing vector graphics is CorelDRAW. However, its output files are in CDR format, which is not supported by many other programs. It can cause some issues and slow down your work. You can solve this problem by installing special software on your program. Try these best CDR to …

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