8 Best Home Decorating Apps for PC in 2022


Have you noticed how often we began to post photos from home on social networks – farewell, 2020! During the pandemic, it became clear how important it is to have your own home and how pleasant it is when it can meet different needs: to be a functional place for work, cozy for recreation, safe …

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11 Best Measure Distance Software for PC, Android, iOS


Nowadays, when our smartphones are almost all-powerful with features ranging from GPS location, 3D camera to flashlight or others, you may need only a small amount of time and some simple finger movements to complete any task. Similarly in this way, if you need to know the distance between two spots, then a measuring tape …

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10 Best Male to Female Voice Apps & Websites


Whether for business or fun, transforming a male voice into a female one, or vice versa without professional equipment, is not an easy task. Even although in recent years, mobile applications and services have increasingly come to our rescue. Besides, it is not surprising to get confused about their variety of functions. How to make …

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Top 10 Wishlist Apps & Websites in 2022

Top 10 Whishlist Apps & Websites

These days online shopping is more popular which helps you to easily buy different products like cloth, book, electronics and other from your from home. If you want to send some gifts to your friends and family for any occasion like birthday, Christmas, vacation, or others then you can easily use these shopping sites or …

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8 Best Lip Sync Software for PC, Android, iOS

Best Lip Sync Software

These days everyone wants to become famous for some unique art. If you have an interest in singing and want to become famous with singing then you can use lip-sync feature. Lip sync is a short form of lip synchronization which is a technical term for matching a speaking or singing person’s lip movements. There …

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10 Best Dice Roller Apps & Websites

Best Dice Roller Apps & Websites

Undoubtedly, dice is not only a very popular game but also a great tool for other games. However, it is not always possible to have quick access to real dice. This is where special services come in handy. Even the Google search engine has its own dice.  By the way, here is a dice probability …

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9 Best Speech to Text Software for PC

Best Speech to Text Software

No program can fully replace the manual work of transcribing recorded speech. However, there are solutions that can significantly speed up and facilitate the translation of speech into text, that is, simplify the automatic or manual translation of speech into text. There are special services to help with audio to text transcription. You may also …

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